What started as a personal search of a mother-dentist for a toothpaste that is safe for her children has developed into a business corporation established to deliver safe and effective oral care products to the consumers.  

     Mothers truly desire only the best for their children. Sometime in 2001, Dr. Gemma M. Chavez scoured the stores in Manila looking for a toothpaste that has no fluoride and is safe for her children.  She did not find one so she had to ask her sister abroad to buy for her.  This became quite an ordeal until she together with her husband thought of making one locally. This gave birth to the company.

    Health Amendments, Inc., ‘HAI’ for short, was registered as a duly organized corporation in 2003.  Even prior to this, the couple already embarked in an extensive research and development of a baby toothpaste.  In 2004, HAI launched SansFluo Toothgel Cleanser.  Inspired by the heartwarming response of mothers to SansFluo, the company introduced other oral care products in the market, this time addressing the particular needs of various consumer groups.

    HAI believes in the benefits of xylitol – a natural ingredient considered as a breakthrough discovery in oral health.  It has consistently made xylitol as a principal ingredient in its oral care products in order to afford the consumers the chance to gain the excellent dental benefits of xylitol.      

    Today, we are happy to announce that HAI products are now sold in leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets nationwide.