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Dental Care For Babies – SansFluo Oral Care

Baby teeth usually comes out as early as when our babies turn 5 months. Most moms will be able to relate that these are the times when all the teething worries and baby pains come out. At the same time you are rejoicing that another developmental milestone is reached, you should also be starting to take careful consideration of the products you will use for your baby’s dental care. Not all commercially proposed products are equal and sadly, some of them may even be damaging to your baby’s teeth. To give light to some dental issues when it comes to choosing dental care products for children 0-6 years old, we would like to share SansFluo’s public information guide about dental care line for babies.

SansFluo offers better oral hygiene for kids and babies

sansfluoWhen it comes to their children’s happiness and safety, parents would never dare compromise. From enrolling them in top schools to preparing delicious meals, moms and dads want to provide their little ones with the best in the world. Unfortunately, with all the things parents need to provide their children, one thing that is often overlooked is oral care.

Good oral care habits are best taught to children as early as possible. Moms and dads must also ensure that the oral care products they use on their kids are proven to be efficient and safe. However, most parents choose popular recognizable oral care brands without even checking if these well-marketed products are truly safe for their family. Regrettably, many oral care products backed by heavy TV commercials contain fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other chemical elements or preservatives that pose serious risks to the health of babies and children. Studies have even shown that excessive ingestion of fluoride during a child’s tooth-forming years causes dental ¬fluorosis, an irregular mineralization of the tooth enamel marked by white spots. Fortunately, there is an oral care brand available in the market that parents can rely on – SansFluo.

SansFluo is the perfect solution that offers moms and dads the safest line of oral care products for their children. From a combination of two words ‘sans’ which is French for without and ‘fluo’ the first syllable of fluoride, SansFluo promises a wide and safe range of products that will ensure the clean and safe oral hygiene of kids – like the SansfluoToothgel Cleanser for babies and young kids (0-6 years old).

Aside from being fluoride-free, theSansFluoToothgel Cleanser contains no harmful ingredients and chemicals like paraben and sodium lauryl sulfate. It is non-foaming and comes in yummy Orange and Strawberry flavors that children will surely love. What makes it even more special is that SansFluo is powered by Xylitol – a sweet food ingredient that has been scientifically discovered in the modern times to inhibit plaque formation and further prevent tooth decay. It’s no wonder that SansFluoToothgel Cleanser has been named as the leading baby toothpaste in the Philippines.

Other remarkable SansFluo products include Tooth & Gum Wipes, Teething Gel, Xylitol Swab, and toothbrushes for babies and children. Like the SansFluo promise, each product is manufactured carefully to guarantee the health and safety of its young users while making their teeth clean, strong and gleaming. Definitely perfect when capturing kids’ charming big smiles during family bonding moments!

SansFluo is proudly made by Health Amendments, Inc. (HAI). HAI aims to provide families with innovative oral care products that are proven safe and efficient. The company has amassed more than ten years of professional experience in bringing high quality and genuine dental benefits to families not only in the Philippines but also in international markets like Singapore.